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June 4, 2020


Dear Haralson County Residents:

My partner, Ernest Kaufmann, and I would like to introduce ourselves to your community. This open letter to you will be the first of many communications the residents of Haralson County will receive from us in the coming weeks and months.

Our company, Solid Solutions Development, specializes in working with counties like yours to permit and construct infrastructure projects. Projects we propose will have many benefits to the County, including quality job creation, and can be used to address your specific needs.

Our development philosophy is to identify potential properties and initially focus on any environmental, transportation or cultural impacts that the project could present. We make these assessments first. All of which takes time and represents a major investment by us in your community. It is our belief that you start here so you can understand exactly what can be done with a property before formally presenting any project.

Our promise to you is to be transparent and honest. Solid Solutions Development is proud of the work we do, and we want the community to be educated on the facts surrounding any project we propose.

IF we present a proposal to the County, the overall project would most likely include a landfill. In that case, we would like to make sure the community understands the following facts about what the proposal would NOT contain:

• No out-of-state waste would be accepted at the facility• No waste would enter the site by rail.• Only ordinary household, commercial and non-hazardous industrial waste would be accepted. • Any proposed landfill would not exceed 300 total acres of the approximate 2,000 acre site.• There also would be a further restriction to exclude the acceptance of coal ash and sludge.

A host agreement, which is a legal contract with the County, would be in place with the County in addition to any permit issued for the operation of the landfill. This host agreement would include details of how a facility will operate, including hours of operation, acceptable waste streams and landfill boundaries, and could not be altered unless the County Commission later voted to make such changes.

This process gives residents the peace of mind to know that the agreement with County officials for the operation of a facility cannot later be changed unless voted upon and approved by the commission.

Ernest and I appreciate your patience as we evaluate this opportunity and look forward to getting to know you and your County better in the coming months. We want to get this right for your community and thank you in advance for your consideration.


Sincerely, W. L “Tee” Stribling