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Transparency and trust are key to our success.

Win-Win Projects

Solid Solutions strives to make sure that our projects are a win-win for the host community. Unique to our approach is the fact we tirelessly investigate potential project sites to uncover the environmental, historical and community impact characteristics in advance to make sure they meet our stringent criteria. Our goal is to identify the right site for our partner host community, which means our company spends a great deal of time and money before we present a rezoning request for approval. After meticulous selection of a project development site, our people listen to everyone and every point of view to make sure the project has tangible, long-term benefits built into the development that fit their needs.

Taking the time to be a trusted, transparent developer has made us successful and is the core tenet of our company. The experience of our team is reflected in the geographic diversity of the environmental park developments they have played a lead role in developing or operating in the following locations: Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

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