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Our people listen to everyone and every point of view to make sure the project has tangible, long-term benefits.

What a Successful Project Looks Like

In 2010, members of our development team permitted the Meriwether Industrial Park. Located 53 miles southwest of Atlanta, GA, the Meriwether Industrial Park followed our win-win development philosophy in the selection of a large undeveloped tract of land located in close proximity to a major transportation corridor in a county just removed from the growing metro Atlanta market. Months of environmental tests and possible community impact analyses were performed on the property before any final decisions were made to go forward with the development. All done at our expense with the overarching goal to identify the right site for our partner host community that best fit a plan for their long-term development needs.

Today the Meriwether Industrial park is home to five manufacturing businesses supporting more than 900 local jobs and the successful Turkey Run MSW Landfill, which provides direct economic benefits to Meriwether County in the form of host fees through their daily operations. Host fee revenue received by the county is used to fund critical infrastructure needs and allows them to grow in a safe and prosperous manner.

The Turkey Run MSW Landfill is operated by Georgia Waste Systems, Inc. a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc. Solid Solutions is an independent industrial development company and is not affiliated with Waste Management, Inc. or any other solid waste management company.

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